Mission, Aims, Goals and Objectives

Diagnostic Radiology Residency

Our mission is to provide to residents the highest quality diagnostic radiology training, free of health disparities, through state-of-the-art education in all aspects of radiology thus bringing understanding to the pathologic basis of disease on imaging. The program seeks to increase residents' understanding of population health and disease through the latest imaging technologies, clinical and basis science research. As well, the program strives to prepare the individual resident for a career in radiology, be it private practice, the military or academics through in-depth teaching of every area in radiology. Overall, the program deepens residents' understanding of the pathological basis of imaging abnormalities, teaching the resident to function as an effective consultant in support of their clinical colleagues and demonstrating how to manage, care for and communicate with patients.

Program Aims

  • Foster a strong foundation of general radiology knowledge to allow graduates to be an integral, value-added member of a medical team
  • Create radiologists who practice collaborative medicine with all clinicians
  • Evaluate residents to ensure they are competent in all areas of radiology
  • Promote life-long learning, allowing graduates to anticipate the medical needs of any specialty and to deliver optimal and timely diagnoses
  • Promote moral, ethical and professional values