Clinical Research Details

Reporting Rouleaux Formation on Ultrasound: Relevant or Redundant?

Study Description

The purpose of this study will be to investigate if patients with a report of rouleaux formation on ultrasound ever receive a follow up ultrasound after that finding and if they have developed a deep vein thrombosis. The date range of the records we wish to include will range from September 16, 2009 to September 16, 2019.

We will obtain this information via a retrospective chart review on mPower, a software database offered by UF Health Jacksonville of radiology studies and reports. Our inclusion criteria includes any ultrasonography report that reports "rouleaux formation" within the impression or findings of the radiology report for any patient. The exclusion criteria includes any imaging modality that is not ultrasonography available in mPower or any ultrasonography report that does not report "rouleaux formation" within the impression or findings. For each patient on the list with a documented "rouleaux formation" on ultrasound, we will access their medical records on EPIC to see if they had received a follow up ultrasound (which will be defined as "Yes=1" and "No=0") or if they developed a DVT (which will be defined as "Yes=1" and "No=0") after the initial ultrasound was performed. This data will be statistically analyzed using SAS statistical software.


Principal Investigator
Chandana Lall, M.B.B.S. (M.D.), M.B.A., FSAR