Clinical Research Details

Can't Touch This: A Comprehensive Overview of Lung and Liver Lesions In Which Biospy is Not Indicated

Study Description

The purpose of this study will be to review common lung and liver lesions seen on imaging which do not require biopsy from select cases between 10/1/2014 and 10/25/2019. Inclusion criteria includes patients found to have lung arteriovenous malformation, lung hamartoma, thoracic splenosis, liver focal nodular hyperplasia, round atelectasis, and hepatocellular carcinoma on imaging.

Obtain records: We will obtain this information via retrospective chart review between 10/1/2014-10/25/2019 on using mPower, a software database offered by UF Health Jacksonville of radiology studies and reports and EPIC, which links patient records to their information on Visage PACS. We will download images and diagnostic interpretations from Visage PACS.

Data Coding and data analysis: The subject(s) will be chosen as an example for each topic. One de-identified image will be pulled from PACS. No dates or MRN will remain on any image. We will use the MRN to enter the patient's chart and confirm the diagnosis. The anonymized image is linked with the diagnosis via a coded spreadsheet and neither will be associated with the MRN which will be discarded after the image collection concludes.


Principal Investigator
Travis E. Meyer, M.D.